I know, what a shame. I mean, those guys were so damn awesome, hacking loads of gaming websites (Sony, BioWare, Minecraft, Nintendo – to name a few) in some vein crusade to show everybody how crappy online security is. They were doing it for us; for the consumer! That’s why their final goodbye was lined with another info dump from the spoils of their hacktivities, including over half a million user accounts and passwords from the Battlefield Heroes beta.

According to the group’s lengthy goodbye letter, Lulzsec formed with the idea that they would always disband once fifty days were up. They were never going to continue irritating the internet, but were just trying to make a point. That’s what they’re saying at least; their disbanding has nothing to do with the fact that global authorities might be close to finding out who they all actually are.

In related news, George “GeoHot” Hotz has been keeping a low profile since his PS3 hacking litigation with Sony. It turns out he might be working for Facebook now so, you know, if you find your private photo albums distributed all over the internet, that’s probably why.

Source: Kotaku article 1 & article 2

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