I… I must have this game. What starts off as a few rude punches to the crotchal regions of in-game hookers and some needless (but awesome) harassment of random pedestrians gradually builds towards a glorious cacophony of ever-evolving absurdity. I’m not sure I truly understand what I just watched, but I do know that if Saints Row: The Third is even half as entertaining as this trailer, we’re in for one wild ride. It’s a gameplay demonstration of some of the stuff you’ll be able to get up to in the game’s open world, and it’s…

It’s like they took the past absurdity of GTA, shot heroin directly into its heart and then set it on fire. The game’s insanity goes beyond just Dildo Bats. Watch the trailer to see for yourself.

In development over at Volition, Saints Row: The Third is due out this November. Starting now, I am counting the days until then.

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