Because it’s just been given an age rating by the Australian Classification Board, as spotted by PlayStationLifeStyle. Of course, for a game to get an age rating it has to be finished and playable. Which means (gasp!) it’s actually finished and totally playable. It’s been rated 15+ for violence, by the way.

The earthquake survival game has kept an extremely low profile since it was announced at E3 in 2008. It caught the attention of gamers everywhere because it was somewhat fresh in the premise department. The game then disappeared for years, resurfacing a few months ago when it was suspected that I Am Alive would be a downloadable title. That suspicion was squished by publisher Ubisoft who reiterated that this would be a full-on retail release.

Things are still really quiet considering copies have been distributed to age ratings boards. Where is the advertising? Where is the hype machine? The game’s official website is still sparse on anything other than a few screenshots and a newsletter registration link. The lack of media on this game, and the fact that there still isn’t a scrap of gameplay footage to be found, is odd. It’s also made me repeat “please don’t let it suck” a million times in hushed tones, in case the very mention of “it” and “sucking” somehow tempts fate into making the game do just that.

Source: Eurogamer

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