This is going to go on for eternity, or until one franchise completely obliterates the other and the losing publisher goes off to skulk in the shadows somewhere. Until that time, however, we can amuse ourselves with the hype-inducing slander speech flung about by each franchise’s development teams.

EA has not been shy in labelling Battlefield 3 as a Call of Duty killer. It just might be! It looks pretty as hell and is poised to launch during a period when COD fatigue is on the up and up. Still, that’s not stopping Activision and the teams (there are four separate dev teams working on Modern Warfare 3 at the moment) from dishing out what they’ve received.

What Battlefield 3 weakness have they zoned in on? The inexcusable fact that the console versions of EA’s upcoming FPS only run at 30 frames per second at 720p. Scandalous!

According to Glen Schofield, the founder of Sledgehammer Games (one of the teams working on Modern Warfare 3), this whole 30 frames per second thing is inexcusable: “The bottom line is this game [MW3] will run at 60 frames a second. Not sure any of our competitors will. I’d be a little scared at this point, in June, if I was looking forward to a particular game that wasn’t on the console and running at 60.”

So there you have it all you Battlefield 3 console players, according to Schofield you should be a “little scared”. Somewhat of a strange sentiment, but if they feel that their 60 frames per second gives them their “competitive edge” then so be it. I’m pretty sure most console gamers couldn’t give a crap about frames per second just so long as the game plays well – that sort of number obsessive stuff is more of a PC gamer thing anyway.

Source: Eurogamer

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