UPDATE: Limbo heading to the PS3

[UPDATE]: Playdead Studios has confirmed that Limbo will be released on the PlayStation 3 as well as PC via Steam. There’s still no release date but according to the studio’s CEO and co-founder Dino Patti, it’s “coming very soon”. The ports to both new platforms are being handled by Playdead themselves. You can check out NAG Online’s original Limbo review here.

[Original]: Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! PlayStation 3 gamers, you lot have something amazing to look forward to. If a Korean game rating is to be believed then Playdead’s macabre and surreal puzzle platformer Limbo is heading to your console of choice.

Released nearly a year ago on Xbox Live Arcade, the game sees a little boy die over and over again thanks to the twisted denizens and unwelcoming landscapes of the monochromatic world of Limbo. He’s on a silent quest to rescue his sister from this dark and morbid place, but in order to reach her he must face some of the most psychologically jarring and horrific situations out.

In case you haven’t noticed, I bloody loved this game. It was for me, in a year of releases that included gems like Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2, the gaming highlight of 2010. If you’re a PS3 gamer and you’re into the arty, more meaningful gaming experiences, then it is imperative that you pick this up when it releases. When that is, however, is still unknown.

Source: Destructoid & Joystiq [Update]

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