You know Team Meat – they’re the development duo with the coolest company name in the industry. They also made Super Meat Boy, but above all they have groovy taste in knitwear. Funny story about that header image: when Google image searching the term “Team Meat”, always remember to turn Safe Search to “strict”. On the way home from work today, I will be picking up milk, eggs and eye-bleach.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Team Meat’s new project. Not much is known about it as yet, but they’re definitely talking about it in excited tones with liberal usage of adjectives like “ambitious” and “experimental”.

According to Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes (the guys who make up Team Meat – try to keep up) Super Meat Boy was nothing too amazing in terms of design. It was “a very straightforward game” according to the two of them. Straightforward in design maybe; in premise, execution and difficulty… not so much.

It seems to be a recurring theme with game development when developers look back on a previously released project, no matter how successful, and lament how they could have done things differently to make the game better. One need only read any interview with Peter Molyneux to see this thinking in its natural habitat. Team Meat hopes to avoid design simplicity the next time around, and are all systems go on their next game:

“We didn’t really reach outside the box in terms of design. I think with the new game we definitely get a bit more experimental with the design. I think it’s going to be more ambitious design-wise and it’s going to be more of a challenge for us. It’s a bigger project. It’s going to be fun and that’s exactly why we’re into it. It’s going to be pretty fresh.”

Keep an eye on these two; they’re one of the heart-warming success stories from the indie gaming scene. They’ve already proven they’re able to bring a highly polished and rewarding game to market, so we’re excited to see what their next offering might be.

Source: Eurogamer

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