The death of Star Wars Galaxies is causing a disturbance

Lucasarts and Sony Online Entertainment’s floundering Star Wars Galaxies is getting shut down on 15 December 2011. The eight year old MMO has been haemorrhaging subscribers faster than Solo’s Kessel Run. The demise of Star Wars Galaxies does, however, make way for EA and BioWare’s Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic.

As with many MMOs, there is an impassioned collective who refuses to let the game die. A group of Galaxies players has been petitioning Sony Online Entertainment to make the MMO free-to-play and to leave the servers open. They’re asking for micro-transactions to become the turnover generator in order to keep the servers running.

Sony responded to these various petitions and forum posts by locking threads and clamping down on dissention amongst users. In doing so, the Emperor Sony has made a critical error and the time for the group’s attack has come. They’re about to file a class action lawsuit against SOE.

The group of rebel gamers has voiced its intention of opening a lawsuit against Sony not because Galaxies is shutting shop, but because the group’s petitions and pleadings were purposefully squished. Naturally they don’t have a hope in hell thanks to Sony’s fully armed and operational End User License Agreement.

The EULA gives Sony carte blanche to do whatever they wish, and all Galaxies players would have agreed to the EULA upon inception. They have zero chance of this going anywhere but still, you have to appreciate their valour, no matter how misguided it is. They’re like those poor little Ewoks who got decimated by AT-STs and Scout Troopers on Endor.

Source: Many Bothans (who died to bring us this information).