BioShock Infinite’s secret E3 presentation coming soon

Newsflash! BioShock Infinite pretty much kicked the crap out of every other game at E3 this year. It won dozens of “Game of the Show” and “Best of E3” awards. The thing is, it stockpiled these awards thanks to a behind closed doors, super sec ret demonstration.

The demonstration showed nearly 15 minutes of never before seen gameplay. Ken Levine (the genius behind the BioShock franchise) has since announced that the whole E3 demonstration will be released to the masses next week (7 July) via Spike TV. Once that happens, it’ll take nanoseconds for somebody to capture it and upload it onto the internet. Hooray!

Until then, however, here’s the first few minutes of that presentation to wet your appetite, or kick your hype-o-metre into overdrive. It’s running on an Xbox 360; it looks amazing, and I think I might be in love with Elizabeth already. Watch! Now!