Deus Ex: HR hackers just got a glorious punch to the face

Much like these poor sods in this gameplay video from the stolen preview code, which you can watch here!

In May, a media preview code of the first few levels of Deus Ex: Human Revolution got swiped from Square Enix. The hackers then uploaded the code onto the internet for all and sundry to play because, you know, that’s how these guys roll.

It turns out the hackers were a bunch of Italians; fifteen in total. They’re responsible for the initial theft and further distribution. They’ve been caught and now Sqaure Enix is going after them in terms of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, specifically citing “unlawful access to information on a ‘protected computer’ used in interstate or foreign commerce”. Yikes, that some serious sounding legalise right there.

As is the norm in the gaming media, Square Enix supplied a number of magazines and websites access to a restricted area where specifically assigned individuals could download the preview build for media coverage. Naturally, these sorts of things have butt-loads of embargos and non-disclosure agreements tied to them. One Italian magazine known as GMC had their access codes and URLs swiped by the hackers. Fortunately for the magazine, however, they’re not implicated at all. As for those supposedly responsible, Square Enix is claiming damages of “in excess of $5000”. What? Is that it? We want blood damn it! Blood!

Source: Patent Arcade [via Kotaku]