Hey look, it’s Booker!

The previous BioShock games had faceless characters. Many games opt for that whole blank slate approach. BioShock Infinite won’t though, probably because the relationship between Booker (your character) and the lovely Elizabeth is something that Levine and the gang at Irrational are planning to exploit and emphasise throughout the game. That’d be a little difficult if Elizabeth spoke to a silent, identity-challenged individual.

So this is what he looks like; all gruff and mean looking, but totally dashing at the same time. I’d swoon, if I was a lady. He’s meant to look like the older Wolverine from The Uncanny X-Men series of comics. In fact, that picture is meant to echo the cover of issue 141 of The Uncanny X-Men, which you can see after the jump.

The reveal comes courtesy of EGM[i] digital magazine. You can check out the whole thing here, or if you’ve got an iPad, hop onto the App Store and search for the free EGM Digital App.

Source: GamesRadar