Sony confirms PSN Pass is coming soon

Looks like Sony has taken a leaf out of EA’s book entitled “Project Ten Dollar”. Yesterday, many news outlets were pointing towards a screen grab of a Resistance 3 PS3 bundle that had an ominous looking “PSN PASS” sticker on the box. The explanation on that sticker read “Network features only available in countries that have PlayStation Store”.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has now confirmed what many people had concluded: future PlayStation 3 games will ship with a once-off activation code that unlocks the game’s online functionality. The first game to ship with this code will be Resistance 3.

According to a Sony spokesperson: “this program will be game-specific. Games that are a part of this program will include a single-use registration code that grants the account holder redeeming the code full online access for that title. This is an important initiative as it allows us to accelerate our commitment to enhancing premium online services across our first party game portfolio.”

The move is an attempt to combat the used game sales on PlayStation 3 titles. There has been no mention of how much an online pass might cost if you choose to pick up a second hand copy of the game. There is also no word on how gamers in locations that have no PS Store will be able to access these codes, although one can assume that without a PS Store, there’d be no PSN to play multiplayer over in the first place. We’re pretty sure PS3 gamers who find themselves in that position have developed workarounds akin to the one us in South Africa utilised before we got official Xbox Live support.

In seemingly unrelated news: how delicious is that Resistance 3 boxart?

Source: Kotaku