(Rumor) Windows 8 will let you play Xbox 360 games on PC

PC gamers, this is your future...

A while back, Microsoft baldy Steve Ballmer said that Windows 8 would offer a real push for PC gaming. According to Insideris, the news isn’t what the PC Master Race would expect. It’s rumored that Windows 8 will let PC gamers play Xbox 360 discs on their PC.

“According to our sources, Xbox 360 on PC will have a subscription fee (just like Xbox Live). However, when it comes to online gaming, it will use Windows Live Marketplace and as a result, PC owners will not be able to compete against console owners (at least in initial stage), due to plausible frustrations (mouse vs. controller).”

Microsoft has not made an official statement about the feature yet. From rumor sources, the Xbox Live Dashboard or marketplace will be accessible through the PC. Users should be able to download and play any content from the Xbox Live marketplace as well as read game discs with their PC to play them.

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