PS3 exclusive Dust 514 to have a “cover charge”

The recently announced EVE Online spinoff persistent FPS, Dust 514, is going to have what the development team calls a “cover charge”. While the game will be free to download onto your PS3, you’ll have to pay between $10 to $20 dollars in order to activate it. That “cover charge” will, however, be refunded immediately as in-game currency, which can be spent on micro transactions.

According to CCP’s CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, the cover charge is to help the development team, “manage the initial launch of [Dust 514]”. He reiterated that the game “might go fully free-to-play down the line”.

Exactly what the micro transactions will be was not clarified. The developers behind EVE recently found themselves in the middle of a player riot when they tried to introduce ridiculously over-priced vanity items for sale within EVE Online. Hopefully the micro transactions in Dust 514 will have an effect on the game and not just your avatar or in-game appearance.

Dust 514 is a persistent FPS played on the PS3. The events and player decisions that happen in the game will have a direct influence on the universe in space simulator EVE Online. In that way, the EVE Online universe is being expanded to a wider audience; an audience who might have initially been put off by the intricate and menu-heavy space MMO to begin with.

For me, there is something wildly appealing about EVE Online. Having watched a friend muck about with it however, as wildly appealing as the concept is, I could not be bothered to learn how to play it. An FPS would allow me to take part in it and influence the space-faring players. I’m all for that, as are the EVE Online players; some of the game’s corporations (kind of like clans I guess) have already begun recruiting top FPS players from other games to act as “mercenaries” for them once Dust 514 launches. This whole meta game stuff is part of the appeal of EVE Online.

If you missed the Dust 514 E3 trailer, then check it out bellow.