Even Tim Schafer needs to pitch games to bosses

Tim Schafer is a game development god. He’s part responsible for games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, Stacking and more! Do you get it? He’s an important guy in the industry, responsible for some of the most loved franchises in the history of ever.

He’s busy making a Kinect game that features the Sesame Street gang; it’s called Once Upon A Monster. The game was announced some time ago, but with its upcoming release, the team at Double Fine feel the need to start marketing their storybook adventure. The game is aimed at kids and older gamers who, you know, still have an inner kid and other stuff like feelings and a heart.

Here’s quite possibly the most amazing marketing video for the game. In it, Schafer pitches the idea for Once Upon A Monster to Cookie Monster, who clearly owns a multi-billion dollar games publishing company. It’s delightful, and if it doesn’t make you crack a smile or chuckle quietly then I’m afraid it’s probably say too late for you to regain any shreds of humanity you may have once had – you cold-hearted bastard.