In id’s Rage, you’re going to need guns

Lots of guns. The varied arsenal of your apocalyptic wasteland crawler is what’s up for discussion in this latest developer diary video from id Software. FPS staples will be aplenty: sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, they’re all there but possibly the best tool of destruction at your disposal will be that awesome Wingstick.

The Wingstick looks like it’ll be an always available, one-shot-kill kind of weapon. It also looks wildly satisfying the way your character casually throws the thing into the craniums of oncoming mutants (about 3:36 into the video).

According to id’s Tim Willets, you’ll be getting a new weapon, ammo type or engineering part the moment you enter any new environment. The aim, obviously, is to keep things interesting and allow you to build up lovely collection of things that kill people. I’m particularly looking forward to remote-controlled cars with explosives strapped to them.