Activision is totally sad about

And so they’re filing a formal dispute with the US National Arbitration Forum, which apparently costs $2600.00 to do. “Pocket change!” screams Bobby as he throws his last toy out the cot in a fit of rage.

A quick recap: last week some highly sneaky people redirected all internet traffic heading towards to the game’s largest competitor’s website instead: It has to be, without a doubt, the most beautiful example of gamer-fuelled hatred and scorn because is owned by some anonymous identity that registered the domain through a proxy. It is not, and never was, owned by Activision.

Activision is now, however, demanding that the ownership of the domain be transferred to them. Before the redirect to the Battlefield 3 homepage, hosted a whole lot of anti CoD and anti Activision ranting. In light of that, Activision kind of has a right to seek a resolution through arbitration. Any other company that was having one of their products dragged through the mud would do the same.

Source: Kotaku