Here’s your new Mass Effect 3 squad mate

His name is James Vega, although BioWare first called him James Sanders. “Sanders” conjures up images of fast-food chicken which, as you can see, totally doesn’t fit with James’s buff presentation. Vega sounds much edgier and science-fictiony, like Vader but not nearly as cool.

Anyway, I think he kind of looks like Kevin Bacon, which makes me hate him right off the mark. In fact, I will make it my first unlogged mission to ensure that I end up killing him through a plot choice the second I get the chance. My Sheperd is totally not as buff as him and I can’t have him hitting on my female squad mates – I just wouldn’t stand a chance! At least in the first Mass Effect the only real competition you were faced with was that whiny Kaidan Alenko dweeb. “Mwaah, I’m a Biotic. Mwaah, I get such bad headaches. Mwaah.” Yeah, totally not competition. In Mass Effect 2 there was just Jacob Taylor who, let’s face it, was so boring and one-dimensional you’re thinking “WTF was Jacob Taylor?” right?

James Vega is an alliance soldier who will, at some point, become a squad mate during the events of Mass Effect 3. In order to stay true to Vega’s appearance, let’s hope BioWare gets somebody from that nauseating Jersey Shore program to do his voice acting.

Source: Destructoid