There’s a Blizzard amusement park in China

But it’s totally Chinese in the sense that they paid zilch in licensing fees so while there’s no actual mention of World of Warcraft and Starcraft, the –ahem– homage is delightfully unashamed. Copyright infringements aside: OMG THERE’S A BLIZZARD AMUSEMENT PARK IN CHINA! Booking airplane tickets, right now.

The amusement park is called World Joyland and is located in Changzhou, in the Jiangsu province. It’s only been open for about two months, so why we’re only hearing about this now is anyone’s guess. Spread over 600 000 square metres, the park is divided up into sections, each paying tribute to a particular nerdy pastime.

The World of Warcraft and Starcraft areas are called “Terrain of Magic” and “Universe of Starship” respectively; the name changes don’t so much side-step blatant copyright infringement as they do side-stumble it. Of course, there are loads of rides, restaurants and statues that all look as if they’ve been ripped straight out of Blizzard’s fantasy worlds.

There’s a complete visitor’s review type article up on a website called You’ll find loads more pictures there as well. Kotaku has been trying to contact Blizzard to hear their thoughts on World Joyland, but to date they’ve had no response from the developer.

Check out the TV advert for the park bellow, complete with over-the-top voice-over work and liberal use of hyperbolic adjectives. I totally want to go to World Joyland.


Source: [via Kotaku]