Zynga is in court for stolen source code

Facebook social game developer-behemoth Zynga, has been taken to court by Facebook social game developer-pipsqueak SocialApps. The former developer is responsible for the obscenely popular social games Farmville, Cityville, Fishville, Yoville, OhMyGodMakeItStopVille and more. Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get where we’re going with this. SocialApps on the other hand, is responsible for games like MyFarm; they’re also claiming that Zynga swiped the source code for MyFarm, which was then used to produce Farmville and the myriad other Ville games.

Website Patent Arcade has dug up the info on the lawsuit. According to court documents filed on 17 June 2011, SocialApps is seeking more than $100 000 in damages, including a permanent injunction, share of profits and attorney fees from Zynga.

SocialApps claims that Zynga approached them to sign a deal whereby they would grant Zynga access to the source code of their Facebook game, MyFarm. According to SocialApps they were under the impression that they would receive compensation and payment for sharing their design secrets with Zynga. Zynga, however, took the source code and stopped returning SocialApps’ phone calls – literally. SocialApps has since been trying to get acknowledgement and payment from Zynga, who acts as if nothing has happened. This should be interesting.

Source: Patent Arcade

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