This is how Rapture fell

Admit it: you’re so into gaming that any medium crossover, spin-off product has you salivating, especially when it’s a prequel book to the excellent BioShock series. The folks over at 2K Games commissioned John Shirley (a prolific Cyberpunk author you may have heard of; his titles include the Eclipse series, Black Glass and more) to pen a prequel to the events of the first BioShock game.

When players arrive in Rapture for the first time, there’s nothing civilised about the underwater dystopia. The place has gone to hell thanks to the unchecked nature of its society. In BioShock: Rapture you’ll get to read about what happened, right from the start.

The book launched yesterday in the USA so expect it in our local bookstores sometime soon. If you can’t wait until “sometime soon” then hop online and order an import copy from either here or here, but then your “sometime soon” becomes “usually within 14 working days”. If you really, really can’t wait and you have an iPad, then the book is already on the iBooks Store for $9.99.

Source: Kotaku