Gotham City Impostors trailerised and priced

It’s also been dated but still nothing concrete; just an “available 2012” sort of thing. Our guess is it’s still at least a whole year away.

We’ve mentioned the downloadable, class-based online shooter before as it first made an appearance at this year’s E3. It definitely takes the whole dark and serious vibe from other Batman titles and replaces it with tongue-in-cheek insanity, dressed up in colourful costumes. Sure, on paper it sounds ridiculous: a bunch of Joker fans and Batman fans going at each other in an FPS game. It also sounds like a lot of fun.

The game, as previously mentioned, is download only and will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It’ll set you back $14.99 or 1200 MS Points. Below is the first pre-rendered Gotham City Impostors trailer. It doesn’t show gameplay, but it does a great job of conveying the overall humorous tone.


Via: Joystiq