UPDATE: There is no publisher for an EU release of Catherine

UPDATE: Hooray! Looks like the shock-horror of  PAL territories not getting to play Catherine has had a result. According to Eurogamer, publisher Deep Silver has partnered with Atlus and will be bringing the game to Europe before the end of the year, which means other PAL territories will be getting it too.

ORIGINAL: Atlus is bringing the sheep infested Catherine to the USA on 26 July. Anyone who has been following the game’s development knows that it’s a little quirky to say the least. The game centres on protagonist Vincent, a thirty-two year old guy whose life isn’t going anywhere. He has a steady girlfriend called Katherine, but one night another girl, called Catherine, enters his life and things start unravelling at a rate of knots.

Adding to the must-play factor is the plethora of outstanding review scores the game has been collecting. Website 1Up gave it full marks, and both IGN and Destructoid gave it the equivalent of 90%. It’s sitting with a Metacritic average of 83%, and the media are calling it one of those rare games that has something truly unique to offer.

Sadly, the likelihood of us getting a local release is somewhat slim. At present, Atlus has no publisher for PAL territories, which South Africa is a part of. According to Atlus USA’s sales manager Aram Jabbari, there are “no plans at this time” to bring Catherine to other parts of the world. That doesn’t mean that it’ll never happen, as Atlus has brought their games to PAL territories in the past through publisher Square Enix. As it stands, however, the developer feels that they haven’t found the right publisher for the game. That might change! It also might not – sad face.

Source: Joystiq