Remember a while ago when we posted that awesome Deus Ex trailer that was designed to look like an advert for the game’s fictional corporation, Sarif Industries? That trailer/advert made human augmentations look cool! We wanted to chop our hands off and replace them with cold, metal robotic ones instead.

Now, however, we’re not entirely convinced human augmentation is that cool. The latest live action Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer is out, and this time it’s been made to look like a propaganda video that speaks out against people replacing their squishy body parts with metallic, robotic ones.

In the game, there are two major corporations that design and build human augmentations: the aforementioned Sarif Industries, and Tai Yong Medical. Opposing the work that these companies do are various pro-humanity movements such as Humanity Front. This anti-augmentation, propaganda trailer looks as if it’s been put together by another such pro-humanity movement called Purity First. Give it a watch, and then decide whether or not you think human augmentation would be cool.


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