So it turns out that about 18% of people play as a female Commander Shepard. That’s a surprisingly low number. All official Mass Effect promotional material (trailers, posters, boxart) has featured the default male Commander Shepard since, like, forever. I use him too because I couldn’t be bothered to fart-ass around with that terrible character generator thing they’ve got going in the Mass Effect games.

For Mass Effect 3 however, BioWare is shaking it up a bit! Not entirely – just a bit. The Collector’s Edition copies of Mass Effect 3 will feature the female Commander Shepard on the boxart. That’s neat! That’s so progressive! Space-feminism, and the 18% of Mass Effect players, will be super-stoked. I’m totally getting the CE now, just so I can have some variety.

Here’s the thing though: default Fem Shep (I love that) is a bit of a non-entity. She’s never been officially used by BioWare, so instead of using her on the Collector’s Edition boxart, they’re giving you the option of selecting your favourite Fem Shep from a choice of six – those six in the header image. In order to vote, head on over to the Fem Shep Voting Facebook page and “Like” the one of your choice. Hopefully you like Fem Shep 5 (the blond option) because she is winning by a landslide. No seriously, the closest alternative is about 10 000 votes behind her. Looks like we’re getting a blond Fem Shep on the cover of the Collector’s Edition – I’m ok with this.

Source: Kotaku

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