From Dust for PC is delayed

Hey, I know what you’ve been wondering Mr./Ms./Mrs. PC Gamer: why the hell is From Dust not up for pre-order on Steam yet? I know that’s what I’ve been wondering! I’ve been cupping my hands underneath my mouth for months now because of this game; there’s just so much drool! It comes out on Wednesday 27 July on Xbox 360, which is tomorrow.

If you want to play it on PC then sadly we have to wait until August. Seriously. It’s been delayed until 17 August; originally it was supposed to launch alongside the Xbox Live Arcade version tomorrow. Publisher Ubisoft has not given any reason as to why the PC version has been delayed. I kind of wish they’d told us sooner rather than, you know, the day before it was supposed to come out.

Still, I suppose we can’t be too whiny considering the poor people on PlayStation 3 consoles still don’t even have a release date for From Dust. It’ll come to the PSN eventually, but nobody has any clue when that might be.

Source: Eurogamer