The Humble Indie Bundle charity campaign is back. To date, the HIB movement has managed to raise more than a million US dollars for charity – that’s amazingly cool and totally restores my faith in gamers’ humanity.

This third bundle follows the same pricing model of previous ones, which means you pay whatever you want to for the five indie games on offer. You then get to decide what percentage of your price goes to which group: the games’ developers; the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Child’s Play Charity; or the Humble Indi Bundle team.

Games included in this third instalment are Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight and And Yet it Moves. If you’re into uber tricky puzzle games then Cogs will blow your skirt up and if you’re into self-flagellation then VVVVVV will tax your platforming skills to the maximum. All of the games on offer are fantastic indie titles in their own right, so this is definitely a bundle worth looking into if you haven’t played these games already. For those of you wanting to get into indie titles then this is a good bundle to start with.

Break out those credit cards people, because this bundle will only be available for about another two weeks.

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