Sweet god almighty, what is this?

This delightful looking hellspawn toy is a controller for the PlayStation 3. Well, it’s not yet but it could be. What you see before you might look like a How-To diagram for a voodoo doll; it is in fact a patent application that was filed by Sony back in 2008. That patent has only been made public knowledge now, however. This obviously means that Sony is prepping us for some sort of doll-controller apocalypse that will destroy humanity.

According to the patent filing, the doll controller would have a wireless receiver similar to an ordinary DualShock, an Ethernet and USB port and a storage medium. It’s supposed to be a friend for kids that would take queues from software running on the PlayStation 3 console. How the actual gameplay part would work is anyone’s guess.

Oh but you haven’t heard the best part: along with built-in face and voice recognition hardware, the doll could have a liquid storage unit that will allow it to “cry”; because everyone knows that kids bellow the age of 10, expensive electronics and liquids make the best combination for a good time. Don’t forget, however, that a patent application is never a guarantee that a product will see the light of day – which means parents might get to dodge a bullet.

Source: Kotaku

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