Rage dev diary talks about enemies

One thing id is exceedingly good at is creating memorable monsters and enemies for you to mow down in their first-person shooter games. Some of my all-time favourite enemies come out of id games; enemies like the Mancubus and Arch Vile from Doom 2, and the Gladiator from Quake 2 had this innate ability to make my butt clench whenever I stumbled across one because they were just so incredibly vicious. It’s just a fact of the gaming industry: id makes awesome FPS enemies.

In the latest Rage developer diary, the team at id talk about the enemies we can expect to find in the game. You’ll be responsible for the genocide of different wastelander factions, mutants, raiders and The Authority. The Authority sound like id’s answer to the Fallout Brotherhood of Steel, only not as noble in their actions, and definitely better equipped to perforate your squishy bits.

Rage will thrust you out into the desolate wastelands of the post-apocalypse in October this year.