A few weeks ago, a Polish developer called Flying Wild Hog appeared out of nowhere, told the world they’re making a cyber-punk FPS, added it would be a PC exclusive and then said it’s coming out in September this year. Bam! Just like that. Oh yeah, there were screenshots and a very brief trailer that didn’t show gameplay.

The second trailer is now out and this time we get gameplay – it looks frenetic. There are explosions! There is electricity! There’s all manner of killer robot getting obliterated by a protagonist! Basically, it looks like a blast and after checking out the trailer, you’re graphics card will quietly begin trembling in anticipation for September.

There’s a great interview over on Game Spot with head of Flying Wild Hog, Michal Szustak. In it he says uplifting things like: “in the era of movie-like shooters almost ‘on rails,’ with player-environment interaction as limited as possible, we wanted to create a game for old-school PC players, raised on all those forgotten Dooms, Quakes, and Painkillers.” He also says that the game won’t have multiplayer because that would have detracted from an awesome single-player experience just so that they could “fill the check box”. Szustak added that the game won’t be open-world or “on rails” like Modern Warfare. Instead we can look forward to an “old-school shooters like Doom, where you had to search the level to get a key card, and where you will find secrets–sometimes really challenging ones”.

I think I’m in love with this game already.


Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun

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