Norwegian shops remove COD and WoW from shelves

On 22 July 2011, a batshit insane mass murderer set off a car bomb in Norway, which killed eight people. He then hopped onto a ferry and sailed across to an island where a youth camp was being held. Masquerading as a policemen, he called the camp attendees towards him saying he was doing a routine check after the car bomb (his car bomb) explosion in Oslo.

With everyone around him (there were about 600 teenagers present at the youth camp) he pulled out weapons and began killing as many kids as he could. He first shot people on the island, then he shot those people trying to swim away from it. The murderer’s name is Anders Breivik and he claimed that Modern Warfare 2 helped him “train” for his terrorist attack.

Beivik also claimed, in his 1500 page long manifesto, that he used World of Warcraft as a cover while planning the attacks; something he spent years doing. In response to this, Norwegian retailers Coop Norway and Platekompaniet have temporarily removed all copies of Black Ops, Modern Warfare 1, Modern Warfare 2 and World at War. They’ve also pulled Sniper: Ghost Warrior, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Source and Homefront. Other Norwegian retailers are refusing to follow suit saying that they’ve yet to see conclusive proof that videogames make people violent.

Source: Kotaku