Frostbite 2 Engine will power Mirror’s Edge 2

Alright, let’s just clarify things here a little: there is still no official announcement that Mirror’s Edge 2 even exists. That being said, the game has been hinted at and insinuated dozens of times by various people from DICE and EA. It’s going to happen, which is bloody fantastic considering how amazing the first game was. It’s one of my favourites from this generation.

Now, according to the Official PlayStation Magazine, “the Frostbite 2 engine will pave the way for Mirror’s Edge 2 to make a free-running return”. This snippet of information is apparently doing the rounds with industry insiders. Take that source as you will.

For now regard this as hearsay, but here’s hoping it’s true because a new Mirror’s Edge running on the same engine that’s powering Battlefield 3 is just too mind-blowingly delightful. Hopefully it won’t lose the aesthetic that made the first game stand out so much; Mirror’s Edge had some of the best art direction seen this side of Okami. And that music! Man, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Source: CVG