Kim Jong-il has a gold farming hackers group

I’m not sure whether this is awesome or completely insane, but North Korea’s loopy dictator, Kim Jong-il, has a group of hackers made up of agents in North and South Korea as well as China. Their job is to farm gold in Asian MMOs and then sell that gold online for real money. Their MMO of choice is Lineage.

The Chinese operatives have since been arrested, but not before the team was able to generate about $6 million (just over R40 million). Roughly 55% of that was kept by the hackers, and the remaining portion went to Kim Jong-il.

Just what does Kim Jong-il spend his private mountain of money on, which supposedly amount to billions of dollars according to the Americans? For one he uses his private cash reserve to fund North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Thanks for nothing MMORPGs.

Source: Joystiq