London riots blamed on… you guessed it!

In case you were unaware, London (that place where about 90% of South Africans go to live before realising that their home country is actually pretty awesome) is experiencing some civil unrest. On the 6th and 7th of August, mobs of people began rioting and looting in various suburbs of London following the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old civilian by the Metropolitan Police Services.

Now, because the non-gaming media seem to be incapable of resisting things like this, newspapers in London are blaming the riots and violence on Grand Theft Auto. I know right, who’d have guessed?

According to a front page banner headline in the London Evening Standard, “children as young as ten, inspired by videogame, among the looters”. The article then elaborates and says: “Children aged between 10 and 14, said to have been inspired by video game Grand Theft Auto, were seen rampaging through Enfield and Brixton as riots and looting also spread to Dalston and Fulham.” Who exactly said that, however, is never referenced, but MCV claims that the link was made by a police officer.

Source: MCV