Or, if you want to be hyper correct and extra geeky, your Dunmer race. I’ll admit, despite the fact that Oblivion devoured hundreds of hours of my life, I had to google that. I’m ashamed.

This particular Dark Elf is a thief. He looks like a total badass dual-wielding those swords. Whoever he’s about to perforate doesn’t have a hope in hell. Unless of course he’s attacking Mr. Mochi; then he’d just get hit in the face with giant fish.

A few days ago, Bethesda asked The Elder Counsel (aka: the fans who’ve hit the “like” button on The Elder Counsel’s Facebook group page) what race and class they’d like to see next. It was a tossup between the above Dunmer and the Agonian – those awesome lizard blokes who I always wanted to play as because they could breathe underwater. They pretty much sucked at everything else. I totally would have voted for an Argonian reveal. It’s not the end of the world though as Bethesda told Argonian fans that their “day will soon come”.

Source: Destructoid

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