Blizzard has decided to implement some different design choices in Diablo III. For a kick off, you always have to be online and logged into to play the single-player game. Secondly there’s an online Auction House where you can sell your loot to other players or buy theirs, which many are saying negates a Diablo staple of searching for better loot. Finally, they’ve revealed that Diablo III will run on a client/server architecture. This means that the game’s assets will sit on your PC, but the monsters and NPCs will be controlled by Blizzard’s servers. In other words, you’re playing a single-player MMO in design.

Does this make you upset? Like, really upset? Perhaps as upset as this guy here, who sent this protest video to Blizzard? Please tell me you’re not this upset, because honestly it looks like this guy is going to have a heart attack by the end of the video. He’s also so deliciously stereotyped it’s almost frightening. My particular favourite piece of attention to detail is not his enraged, nerdy lisp, but the Slave Leia poster he has above his bed. I predict the birth of a trillion new internet memes thanks to this video.


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