Rage is a good looking game, there’s no denying that. It’s definitely the type of game you could take home to meet your parents; envisage settling down with; maybe make grotesquely mutated, wasteland babies with… Totally good looking!

In this latest developer diary, id talks about the artistic direction the game went in and how even John Carmack was surprised by the detail the artists were getting out of his Tech 5 engine. Additionally, the team discusses just how hard it is to make appealing gun sound effects. You know, I’ve never really thought about it the way id did, but gun sound effects are what you hear the most of in an FPS and as such generating them becomes quite a integral portion of development. I mean, I’ve always known weapon sound effects were important, but I’ve never really appreciated how much thought some developers put into them.

Oh yes! John Goodman is totally in this dev diary as well. He voices the character of Dan Hagar, who you’ll meet right at the start of the game.


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