At Sony’s rip-roaring, bratwurst-fuelled media briefing in Cologne, Germany, Sony announced that they have a few changes for both old and new brands in the PlayStation range.

First, there’s a price drop coming for the PS3, which, as of right now, officially costs €249 – the same as the PS Vita’s price when it launches. This is for exactly the same PS3 Slim that’s available already, nothing is changing in terms of the hardware.

The same can’t be said for the humble PSP, however. The device is getting another re-release in the form of a stripped-down, Wi-Fi-less version that will sell for a mere €99. That’s cheaper than most second-hand PSPs. We’re yet sure if this version will include the infamous UMD drive, but Sony claims that it’ll be able to play any PSP game currently available. Without Internet access, it’ll either have to support game downloads through a USB connected PC/PS3 or included an ill-fated UMD drive. Either sounds a bit limiting, if you ask us.

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