GC 2011: Blizzard pretty much confirmed Diablo III for consoles

Earlier this evening I attended a private panel discussion with a bunch of Blizzard bigwigs (a full recap post of this event will follow shortly). At the start of the presentation the MC began introducing the team from Blizzard. One person introduced was Josh Mosqueira, who we were told was the “Lead Designer on Console for Diablo III”. This was said in such a casual manner that most people paid no attention, but a few of us looked around dumbfounded. Did Blizzard just totally confirm the console version of Diablo III?

The presentation continued and not a single further word on the matter was uttered, but then the floor was opened for questions. Naturally one of the first questions asked for clarification on Josh Mosqeuira’s title. The response from the Blizzard reps did not deny or side step the issue. They told us that they are in love with the idea of bringing Diablo III to consoles and at this moment they are formulating the team to do so. Mosqueira is obviously the guy overseeing this team development. There was no denial from Blizzard, no “no comment” response, just a simple sort of “we’re assembling the team to do this and this is the guy in charge” answer.