Say hi to your official FemShep

A while back, BioWare and EA announced that the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3 will feature a female Commander Shepard on the cover. That’s good news for space-faring feminists the galaxy over! It’s also good news for the 18% of people who play as a female Shepard.

It was then up to us, the gaming public, to pick our favourite FemShep out of six options. The one with the highest vote would become the official FemShep for advertising and boxart purposes. The blonde FemShep won by a landslide, but BioWare and EA then initiated a second round of voting, this time for hair style and hair colour.

As you can see, while Blond FemShep from round one remains the face of Mass Effect 3, her golden locks didn’t survive voting round two. Say hello to the first official female Commander Shepard – now with red hair! Or ginger if you want to be pessimistic.

Source: Kotaku