In the past, certain multi-platform games have been getting released on Xbox 360 split across multiple DVDs. This was the case with L.A. Noire and upcoming id shooter Rage will get similar treatment. Rumour has it that Battlefield 3 could be split across multiple discs on Xbox 360 as well.

At some point on multi-disc games, Xbox 360 users are prompted to swap discs – they have to get off the couch! Oh the humanity! This, for some inexplicable reason, is an inconvenience that PlayStation 3 and PC fanboys love to bring up. No idea why. The good news is that the most anticipated RPG game of 2011 has been magically squashed onto a single DVD for Xbox 360. While there’s no mention on how big the install will be, it won’t be mandatory.

To celebrate this triumph in videogame wizardry, let’s watch Skyrim director Todd Howard talk about how amazing his game is on the Xbox 360. Here’s the latest interview trailer, fresh out of PAX 2011.


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