Forza 4 has a car ogling mode called Autovista; it utilises Kinect (or a controller for those without Kinect) to allow you to interact with a selection of rare cars. Each car is given an introduction by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, a man who has become synonymous with cars and all manner of things that make petrol heads giddy.

Because Forza 4 is an Xbox 360 exclusive, Microsoft has chosen to add the UNSC M12 FAV Warthog to the game. You can’t drive the Halo vehicle (which is a bummer, because getting to shoot at expensive sports cars while flying around exotic race tracks would be oodles of fun) but you can explore its ins and outs in the Autovista mode.

Here’s a clip of Clarkson introducing the vehicle with his trademark enthusiastic sarcasm. It’s pretty funny, if not minutely disparaging towards Xbox 360 and Halo fans… who we’re sure can take it on the chin.


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