Arkham City gets a “New Game Plus” mode

Rocksteady is hoping that you’ll spend a lot of time with their upcoming Batman: Arkham City. I’m hoping I will as well, come to think of it. What’s left once you’ve finished the game? Well for a start there are all of the Challenge Rooms and leaderboards you can take on, with either Batman or Catwoman (and Robin if you pre-order from certain online retailers in South Africa).

Alternatively you can start the game again with “New Game Plus” mode enabled. This game mode will become available once you’ve finished the game at least once. In Plus mode you’ll start off with everything you unlocked, upgraded and collected during your first playthrough. You’re going to need every trick up Bats’ rubber sleeve because enemies will behave differently the second time around.

For instance, you won’t receive any icon notifications of impending impacts from attacking enemies. Ordinarily you can watch for onscreen notification before Bats gets punched in the face by an enemy. In Plus mode you’ll have to be extra careful and pay attention to the enemy’s animation rather than looking for lightning bolt icons. Good thing you’ll be packing right from the word go.

Source: Shacknews