Traditionally, the Collector’s Editions Prestige Editions of the Call of Duty games have included some batshit insane stuff. Stuff like real night vision goggles or remote controlled cars with spycams attached to them. Modern Warfare 3, however, has a much more demure Hardened Edition on the horizon.

It’s likely that this was going to be revealed at the COD XP event this weekend, but the details have been leaked prematurely. No RC cars or NVG equivalents this time I’m afraid; instead you can get a crappy “collectable field journal”. I was hoping for a Modern Warfare branded rod of enriched plutonium, but looks like I’m out of luck.

Full contents of the Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition after the jump.

  • Game disc with unique artwork
  • A yearlong membership for Call of Duty Elite
  • “Founder Status” for Elite that gives you access to exclusives like clan XP boosts, in-game emblems, player cards etc.
  • The obligatory steelbook case to hold you game
  • Spec Ops Juggernaut outfit for your Xbox 360 Avatar
  • “Animated Timeline Theme” for your PlayStation 3 dashboard
  • And finally that lame filed journal that is packed with hundreds of pages of written accounts, military pictures and diagrams.

There’s been no mention of a PC version of the Hardened Edition, but the previous Prestige Editions didn’t get PC releases either so I wouldn’t hold your breath. Not that PC gamers are missing much here. As for the price, that will probably be revealed this weekend at COD XP.

In related news, we’re suing* Activision for stealing the NAG Online colour scheme for the Modern Warfare 3 boxart.

Source: Wired

*We’re totally not suing, because Bobby Kotick’s lawyers are scary. Obviously.

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