Watch Drake fight for his life in this new Uncharted 3 footage

During the Sony press event at this year’s Gamescom, we were shown a lengthy gameplay session during which Drake had to fight his way onto an aeroplane. Fortunately the lovely Miss Fisher was there to lend him a hand. There’s a montage of the Gamescom footage swimming about the interwebs (harpooned for your convenience here), but the full gameplay clip is proving more elusive.

Fortunately Naughty Dog has decided to share the last half of that gameplay demonstration in full. They’ve even extended it a bit! If you’ve been wondering how Drake lands up in the desert surrounded by plane wreckage, then give the clip bellow a watch and wonder no more.

Uncharted 3 lands in South Africa on 02 November 2011. If you’re a new PS3 adopter, or you haven’t already played the first two games, then get to it! They’re probably the best PlayStation 3 exclusives out there.