Warhammer 40K: Space Marine suddenly gets a co-op mode

Woaw, out of left field there Relic. Space Marine is coming out this time next week, but publisher THQ and Relic Entertainment have literally just announced that the game will feature a co-op multiplayer mode called “Exterminatus”.

Of course at this late stage the mode will not be playable straight away, but will instead become available as free DLC at the beginning of October. The co-op mode will allow up to four Space Marines to join forces in two different scenarios. The objective of each scenario is to survive waves of increasingly formidable opponents and to see who manages to bag themselves the highest score. For Space Marines, surviving waves of enemies is a game and pathway to awesome bragging rights!

It basically sounds like a Gears of War Horde mode, which is totally fine by me. The similarity between the two games is constantly being pointed out, so may as well spread the likeness to multiplayer modes as well. But remember kids: Delta Squad is made up of a bunch of pansies; real men don’t need cover because “cover is for the weak”.

Source: Destructoid