But as is the norm with a lot of Apps on Apple’s iOS devices, this one is of the Productivity sort and not the Game sort. That’s not to say that killing zombies isn’t productive, because it totally is, especially when they’re wrecking your tropical island holiday. This App will help you rid the game of those bikini clad corpses in a far more efficient manner. Productivity!

Priced at $2.99 and available on iTunes on 06 September, the App will allow you to track your progress in the actual PC and console versions of Dead Island by providing you with an extensive checklist of the game’s objectives. If that’s not enough, it’ll include a detailed map of fictional Banoi Island that will show you the location of more than 150 of the game’s items. All of this will be done to the moody music of Dead Island, which you’ll hopefully be able to turn off in the App seeing as how the actual game will have the same music.

The minor drawback is that according to Joystiq, the App doesn’t connect with your game directly, meaning you’ll have to tick off your objectives manually. You’ll need to complete an objective in the game, and then tick it off in Real Life™ on your iPad or iPhone, which come to think of it, is so meta I can’t help but think of it as hip. If that does nothing for your jaded self, then think of the Dead Island App as the logical progression of those game guide books published by the likes of Prima Strategy Guides and Future Press.

Source: Joystiq

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