Team Fortress 2 has a serious fan base. The game deserves it though; not only is it a blast to play, but Valve has put in a metric ton of effort to foster a community amongst the regulars who keep Team Fortress 2 at the forefront of online, team-based shooters. That and the game has hats.

The constant trickle of “Meet the” trailers for Team Fortress 2 does a brilliant job at portraying the game’s tongue-in-cheek nature. The hilarious series has clearly been put together by some very intelligent people.

It makes sense that Valve would want to apply the same “Meet the” template of trailers to DOTA 2. Granted, the trailers probably won’t be nearly as humorous as those for Team Fortress 2, but that’s because the two games have vastly different tones. So get ready for, like, a billion of these things seeing as how so far there are 105 heroes to play as in DOTA 2. Alright so maybe not a billion; maybe even less than 105 when you consider that the first trailer introduces three hero qualities anyway. Check it out after the jump.


Via: Kotaku

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