If you did, and you didn’t receive it with your shiny new AMD graphics card, then you might want to say “thanks, but no thanks”.

Codemasters and AMD have been running a promotion whereby purchasers of AMD’s graphics card offerings would get a code to access a copy of Dirt 3 on Steam. Codemasters kept all three million of those promo codes on a webserver. That webserver was completely open for people to check out, which is exactly what they did, helping themselves to the Steam unlock codes while doing so. Ten points for stringent online security, Codemasters!

Naturally, with millions of free codes for Dirt 3 available to all and sundry to plunder, people have been giving them out without saying where they came from. Unfortunately, because Codemasters has a list of the reserved codes, all they need to do is search for which Steam accounts have the stolen codes tied to them. Then it’s as simple as disabling the game.

It could go further and Valve would be well in their right to ban the accounts found with stolen codes. Some people have realised this and have willingly emailed Valve to ask them to remove the copy of Dirt 3 from their Steam account, saying they had no idea that the codes they were given were stolen goods.

Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it? The next time you win an unlock code via a Twitter competition or something, you might want to find out where the code came from, especially if you’ve just won a copy of Dirt 3.

Source: Kotaku

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