3DS is getting a second analogue stick

The Nintendo 3DS is getting an expansion cradle that will add a second slide pad similar to the existing pad on the left of the unit. The cradle will clip onto the bottom of the 3DS, extending the right-hand side to provide room not only for the slightly smaller second slide pad, but an additional trigger button as well.

This reveal comes via Japanese magazine Famitsu, which has referred to the cradle as the “Kakuchou Slide Pad” or “Expansion Slide Pad”. Apparently the add-on has been developed to be utilised in an upcoming Monster Hunter game for the 3DS called Monster Hunter 3G.

It’s definitely a chunky looking expansion, there’s no denying that. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not other developers make use of it in their own games considering it isn’t standard hardware for the 3DS unit. No pricing as yet, but rumours are circulating that it’ll cost as little as $10.

Source: Andriasang
Pic: 1UP

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