Dead Island PC patch is out; full fix by Friday

Deep Silver’s Dev Island (sorry) Dead Island has had a, how to put this tactfully, unmitigated disaster of a launch on Steam. Folks who pre-ordered the game prior to the North American release were give what appears to be a developer build of an Xbox 360 port. This meant that you could wreck the game by simply pressing the “Y” button on your keyboard, which would make your character enter a “no clip” mode allowing you to get to any point on the island; including areas you were never supposed to see.

Naturally Deep Silver realised there was a problem and they have already released a 76MB Steam patch that removes the developer key bindings to make the game a little more stable. A full patch that will pretty much overhaul the entire pre-purchase Steam version will be released by Friday this week.

Responding to Kotaku’s questions asking what the hell is going on, Deep Silver had this to say: “We deeply regret that an incorrect version of Dead Island was inadvertently made available to players on Steam launch in North America. We are very sorry for any issues you may have experienced while playing the game – the correct, patched version will be made available to North American players ASAP.”

Sources: Kotaku & Destructoid
Image: Neuro-Lab